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43oh vs E2E

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Quick newbie question: Is there a difference in what I should post to E2E vs the 43oh forums? They seem to fill the same niche. I got the vague impression E2E was for more serious engineers, so I've been posting my newbie question here, but I really have no idea.



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While they do fill some of the same niches, 43oh is geared mainly towards launchpad and msp430 use, (with the sister sites for Stellaris/Tiva, C2k and Beagles) with some general electronics, while E2E is geared towards, well, anything produced by TI's semiconductor branch.


Both have friendly members, but E2E is a bit more formal, professional setting (afaik), 43oh is very community oriented.


Both are great resources.

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TI forum sux... 43oh is the only real msp430 community

I respectfully disagree. The interface is a little clumsy, yes, but there are a lot of intellectual people on there with a range of backgrounds from controllers/processors/analog/compiler chips. I do find alot of questions answered there. The good thing about E2E is that they have the people working at TI answer questions which is very assuring. If you know your way around e2e, it is a good place to ask questions.

43oh does not have the kind of restrictions that E2E has to take care off.. as they are a company and need to watch their every reply. They are much better than the st forums which is a total nightmare to navigate and filled with broken links.

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