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MSP430TCH5E Haptics-Enabled Mixed-Signal Microcontroller

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It indeed looks interesting, but I'm not sure why they sell it as a "haptics enabled microcontroller", since there is no dedicated haptic feature in the device. It has 24 I/O pins, all touch enabled, it has an ADC10 and it has two TimerA blocks, both with 3 CC registers. These features can all be used to create haptic control.

But the device does not drive vibrators itself; it outputs a PWM signal to a vibrator driver chip. It also does no sequencing itself, it's done by using the haptic feedback library. So why did they name it a haptic enabled controller?

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There is something about the Immersion TouchSense technology mentioned.  I wonder if this is just a plain MSP430G2553 with some sort of licensing agreement predesignated so as long as you use this chip, you don't have to pay licensing fees to use the Immersion haptics hardware or something?


Because otherwise it looks like an MSP430G2553IPW28 (28-pin chip w/ P3 exposed)... even in pinout.


I guess it's the software dev kit like @@bluehash said.  Strange for them to roll another part# for this but I suppose whatever floats their aircraft carrier...

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