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Hey guys.

I recently got a Launch pad -- MSP430G2 board ( Rev B ) [only the board and the USB cable from a friend].

I downloaded Energia for my Mac running OS X 10.9. [maverics]. Though the Power LED lights up, the board is not recognised by the IDE. I don't know if the problem is with the board, the cable or the IDE. 


Though the board was detected for a short period of time and I was able to just uplaod the Blink sketch into it.

Now when I connect to a USB power or my MAC, led1 just keeps blinking. I am unable to program it.


I hope you guys can help me spot the problem so that I can rectify it and make use of the board to learn Embedded systems.


Thanks in advance. :D

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Hi All,

I have a similar sort of problem but using I am Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I've just purchased a TivaC Launch Pad (TM4C123G) for the upcoming edX course.


I installed the Energia software and recommended drivers but when I connect the board to the USB no indication of any COM ports are shown in the Device Manager.


I followed the get starting guide during which a dialog box did appear with driver installing confirmation but the three debug drivers did not install (as indicated in the text) but the serial driver seemed to.


When I access the Tools menu in Energia the Serial Port option is grayed out.


What do I need to do to allow the COM ports to become active so I can communicate with the board?

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You must use the USB port at the top of the board, not the one on the side.


And, I've seen Energia take more than a few minutes to realize serial ports are available so maybe quit / restart Energia too.

Another way to check if the board is recoginized by Windows....once the board is plugged in look under 'Ports' in the Device Manager for the Tiva serial port instance. It should be something other than COM1 (e.g. COM6 or COM9, etc).

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