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Launchpads are ...

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Launchpads are flipping awesome!


It's cheaper for me to use a Launchpad as a programmer debugger than anything else I know of.


All I have to do is put in a 1x6 0.050" connector in J4, connect a short cable to my target and I'm in business.


Mind you, I have to remove the 3.6V power from the target when I am powering the target from its supply. If I don't, it blows up the power supply on the target. Not good.


I just ordered 6 Launchpads just in case my customer wants them.


And the price sure is easy on my customer too. "So, $0.50 a piece for the micro and $4.50 for the programmer? Is that all? Okay, I'll let you put in that micro."


Thanks TI for making it easy to use your stuff.

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I was thinking along those lines when I added them to the shopping cart and TI figured, that since I'm Canadian, I should be charged $4.37 each.


I started to think "Hey, did they come out with a new device?"


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