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43oh Welcomes EA - Electronics : F5132/F5172 Experimenter Board

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43oh welcomes EA - Electronics as a new sponsor to our community. EA - Electronics makes experimenter boards, R/C equipment and custom test fixtures. Check out their MSP430F5132  F5172 experimenter board below:


msp430F5132EX MSP430F5172EX_experimenter boards.jpg


The F5132EX experimenter board allows you to proto-type and test your design ideas. It is based on an MSP430F5132 micro-controller from Texas Instruments. A large (4.5" by 3") proto-typing area can accommodate various surface mount  and through-hole components. Need a larger memory for big programs?  The F5137EX upgrade increases the flash memory size to 32KB and the SRAM to 2KB .


Thanks for supporting the community.

msp430F5132EX MSP430F5172EX_experimenter boards_bottom.jpg

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