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LSM303DLH (Accelerometer + Magnometer)

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I'm using LSM303DLH (magnetomer and accelerometer sensor). I'm configuring it and have some questions about the accelerometer, if anyone already use the same accelerometer or other accelerometer and can help me with some "theorical" questions about this accelerometer or general accelerometer like High-Pass filter inside the sensor, latched and not latched interrupt and how convert the result value of X,Y,Z to a "real" value in G ( m/(s^2) ).


There are the questions:

1) About the Data Rate in CTRL_REG1_A, I understood It's the frequency of samples for acquiring the acceleration, right? How the low-pass filter works on it?


2) If I want to implement a High-Pass filter (CTRL_REG2_A), Can I choose between HPM, FDS and HPen, HPCF or they are related? How can i set up a basic HP filter without interrupt?


3) In CTRL_REG3_A, I have the configuration for the Interrupts. What's the difference between latch or not latched interrupt? In bits I1(2)_CFG[0], I want to implement Data ready in INT1, and INT2 for free-fall, How i configure the CTRL_REG3_A, INT1_CFG_A, INT2_CFG_A, INT1_SRC_A, INT2_SRC_A.


4) I didn't unterstand, How INT1(2)_DURATION_A and INT(1)_THS_A work, and how can I set them?


5) Finally, a basic question. I'm using in CTRL_REG4_A data LSB @ lower address. My program in C is reading the X,Y,Z by I2C:

unsigned char axl = i2c_read();
unsigned char axh = i2c_read();
unsigned char ayl = i2c_read();
unsigned char ayh = i2c_read();
unsigned char azl = i2c_read();
unsigned char azh = i2c_read();

char x = axh << 8 | axl;
char y = ayh << 8 | ayl;
char z = azh << 8 | azl;

How i convert de char x,y,z that is in bits to a real value in G( m/(s^2) ) unit?



Regards :oops:


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