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This year, LaunchPad has a very special assignment during the holidays - to control our Xmas tree lights. 

So far, more than 20 different sequences are programmed into G2553. Piano pedal connected to LP allows easy selection.

Finally, my wife can have Xmas lights she likes, one day white, another day warm colors, then maybe little strobe light here and there, and so on.


There are 100 WS2811 pixels on the tree (those lights look much, much better in real life)

(You can see LP right above the train, tiny green light.)




MSP430 is also used to power my 10W RGB flood lights.



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Yep, I have more than 20 themes already and adding new one every day.

I have Xmas (red/green/white,) warm (greens, yellows, reds, oranges,) cool, twinkling stars, bats in the tree (it's twinkling stars inverted, named by my kids,) reds, greens, blues, fire (red/orange/yellow/white,) changing solid color with twinkling star, multicolor with twinkling star, and many, many more. All animated of course.

The hardest part is choosing which sequence to select, they are all awesome, can stare for hours.

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