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GSM-Remote-Controlled Car-Heater

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Hey there,
it has been a while since my last project - and i didn't finish it till now. Since i got employed there is only a little time left for projects like these :shifty:
Cause it is getting cold here and i don't want to sit in a cold car every morning when driving to work i had the idea for this small project.
Spontaneously i ordered an Siemens TC35i - GSM - Module on ebay for 25



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If it's using an existing heated seat implement you'll have to make sure it's available when key is off as @@bluehash is suggesting. I trust it won't drain down the battery much so long as you get into the car and turn it on shortly after...


An idea I had in mind was to have an engine block heater installed and AC-plugin that I hook up every night and have an MCU pre-warm my engine in the morning for fuel efficiency's sake. Tacking on remote heated seat control would be a slick addendum to that :)


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Of course you will have to use permanent +12V. Most Cars have this but it often has only a small Fuse like 10 Amps.

So it will be better to connect a own (thicker) Cable directly to the +12V-pin of the Battery and Fuse it with 30-50A depending on the Consumption of your Heater.


Adding the heated Seat sounds like an nice Idea. Should be no Problem to control more than one Output by the MCU.

Mine gets hot in less than 30 Seconds so i wont need this :)

My Seat-Heater only turns on when the Key is in Position "1" so i would have to manipulate the Power-Connection for it a bit.


First i will try a cheap Heater that gets plugged into the Cigarette-Lighter plus the "built-in" front-Defroster.

12V x 15A = ~ 180 Watt

Sure not enough Power to free the Window but it will warm the Car a little bit and make it easier to scratch away the rest of the Ice and prevent condensation.


I want to integrate some monitoring-features so it stops when the voltage of the battery drops below a defined level ;)


I also thought about a (gas-powered) engine block heater but thats too much work while it is cold outside and in the Garage.

Most of them come with an Remote-Control but it has only limited Range so it would be a good idea to extend the Range by GSM-Control.

It should be ne Problem to hack the Remote-Control a bit :D

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Ah I wonder about AC mains-powered engine block heaters though. The question is whether the cost of said electricity and amount used saves you money over fuel wasted warming up the engine when combustion isn't at its most efficient. I bet the folks at ecomodder.com would know the answer to that...


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That's a great idea! I suggest placing a battery protector between cigarette lighter output and heater, so it won't drain the battery and will allow you to start your car in case of malfunction.


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