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43oh Secret Santa - 2013

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I received a message from my apartment complex on Thursday that a package had arrived, and thinking it was some coffee I ordered I actually put off getting it from the office.  When I picked it up, it

I got just what I wanted - lights to illuminate my bike when I ride after work! Thanks so much for this great gift!

Haha, cubeberg...glad you liked the stuff. Honestly it was based on what I could access at the time...just moved everything to Dallas so it was pure chaos around the house. I do like the ChronoDot...o

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There used to be those flashy phone stickers, but I doubt this is good for your health. How about a pendant launchpad? :)


A pendant Launchpad sounds pretty cool, but I'm afraid that with how big it is it would be too much "bling" for me to pull off.


If we're going with Launchpad accessorizing, maybe we should use the LED boosterpack to turn a Launchpad into something like this.

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So I came in the morning to see this delivered on my desk. No notes other than the '43oh' marking on the package. I didn't have a banana handy, so the new Educational BoosterPack MK II was used for scale. 


Thorough examination of the package indicates that the item is most likely a book. Oh no, do I actually have to read this Christmas? Still somewhat confused by the vague description the package and being very suspicious, I compare the unwrapped package to the "Getting Started with MSP430 LaunchPad" book, and guess what, identical dimensions. Well...surely nobody would gift me my own book? Maybe it's another book that happens to use the same format. 
Hmm....I'll be dang'ed. (Can I say that?) Maybe this is a mistake by somebody? Thoroughly confused, I decide to wait a day and sleep on it.



Finally the next day, after satisfying the thirst of tormenting his Secret Satan gift recepient, my Secret Santa surprises me one more time, now with the real gift, on the left. Well played @@ILAMtitan, well played you tricky you sir! By the way, both gifts were amazingly wrapped. Now I know who to ask next time I have to wrap something. 



 Alright now to the actual unwrapping: 






Another layer of wrapping. Manual inspection indicates a round object with a small rectangle box protruding at the center. Oh gotcha, I think I know what this is. It must be your other devious creation: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3689-vetinaris-clock/.  Yes, this can drive @@KatiePier crazy (we share a glass wall).

But no, @@ILAMtitan just has to surprise me one more time. 




16-foot RGB LED strip with IR remote, pretty awesome! It does not come with the 12-V DC adapter though :(


But wait, my fancy $10000+ ESD-protected FPGA board happens to use the same adapter. Sorry silicon development, you're no longer the priority, this desk needs to light up first. 



Pretty sweet bright lights, @@KatiePier  will be blinded by jealousy of my sweet disco-powered office.


Thanks @@ILAMtitan and I commend your Secret Santa trickery, let's see if it can one-upped next year!

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Can you open the door? Is it bigger on the inside?!!



Of course.. you can put ypur hand inside to steal cookies.. I'm going to place it in my cube with scope probes and jumper wires in it.. I'll now know who is stealing my stuff. hehe.

Of course.. you can put ypur hand inside to steal cookies.. I'm going to place it in my cube with scope probes and jumper wires in it.. I'll now know who is stealing my stuff. hehe.

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