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43oh Secret Santa - 2013

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I received a message from my apartment complex on Thursday that a package had arrived, and thinking it was some coffee I ordered I actually put off getting it from the office.  When I picked it up, it

I got just what I wanted - lights to illuminate my bike when I ride after work! Thanks so much for this great gift!

Haha, cubeberg...glad you liked the stuff. Honestly it was based on what I could access at the time...just moved everything to Dallas so it was pure chaos around the house. I do like the ChronoDot...o

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Shiny! Is the board still functional? :)


Probably not - I think this is one of those where they cut them up out of recycled electronics. That, and it's encased in some sort of coating now so we'll never know :smile:


Which actually gives a neat idea - someone should make one of these that lights an LED using the energy from the field if you put, for example, your phone near it by using the signal your Android phone sends out for NFC. Then you could encase it in plastic/glass/etc but you could have something on it light up if you put your phone near it, and no battery ^_^ It would be like waving a magic wand (except you're waving your phone around)

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