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Fwiw I have created a CAN boosterpack intended for attaching different MCU launchpads together and it incorporates the Microchip MCP2515 SPI CAN chip for those LaunchPads that don't have native CAN onboard. I haven't built any out yet to sell on account of lack of time and my workspace is a mess at the moment. I started writing some code for the chip but never got it to work (first edition of the board had a nasty bug). I do intend to write Energia support for it when I get around to it.


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Here are a couple of blog posts about CANbus that may be useful.


First "CAN interface for Stellaris Launchpad" http://www.fischl.de/arm/can_bus_interface_for_stellaris_launchpad/



There are a couple of CAN bus transceivers from different manufactures. I used the MCP2551 from Microchip which works on 5V. Because most controller pins (including the used CAN pins) are 5V tolerant, this is no problem and the chip can be directly connected.


Next a "USBtin - Simple USB to CAN interface" http://www.fischl.de/usbtin/


USBtin - Simple USB to CAN interface

usbtin.jpgUSBtin is a simple to build USB to CAN interface. It can monitor CAN busses and transmit CAN messages. The common CAN baud rates are supported. USBtin implements the USB CDC class and creates a virtual comport on the host computer. The interface is controlled with simple commands over this serial port.

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