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Greetings from the Chicago area

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Just saying "hi".


I've had my launchpad sitting in its box for too long and I hope to get some soft of project going over the winter. My current schemes involves making a variable power flash controller but time will tell whether I stay on that track.


My electronics background is not very extensive (guitar effects pedals, simple circuit troubleshooting, etc.) and my general microntroller experience is limited to basic Arduino sketches (though I have done a fair bit of C coding in my day so I'm not too worried on that front).


Thanks for having me,


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The plan is to achieve variable power via the flash's "quench" pin in 'TTL' mode.


When the X (center) pin is grounded the flash fires and if/when the quench pin is grounded the flash stops firing. By sensing the triggering of the flash and the use of a variable delay to quench the flash you get variable output.


The plan is to use this in to allow finer grained adjustments (via a knob or +/- buttons) than are available in 'Manual' mode. Most flashes only do full stops (halving the power at each step), some only go down to 1/16 which is still kinda bright at close distances and others don't have manual control at all (these are "all or nothing").

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