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Nice MSP430 / Stellaris based heating control

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I just got a really nice Tado home heating control system. It can be accessed remotely, detects when you're there and looks really slick. Sort of like a Nest, but seems much better - more substance rather than just styling.

It's currently in beta in the UK and whilst trying to identify a couple of wrinkles (due to my crappy Sky router) I got chatting to one of the developers. The reason I mention it is that it's apparently using a MSP430 and a TI Cortex-M3 (which I assume is Tiva but could be wrong).


[Edited - it's a Stellaris LM3S9997, not a Tiva]

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A chat with one of the embedded engineers is the reference for the processors. I popped open the main unit to find a LM3S9997 and a CC1101. The remote box doing the switching has a CC1101. I couldn't see a MSP430 but there is a shrink wrapped module that may contain it. There's also a remote temperature sensor with a solar panel on it. I haven't opened that up. Comms between the 3 units is apparently 6LoWPAN.


It's a commercial product so not open source. I'll mention this forum to the developer. He may be able to share some info.


I've seen a friend's unit in action, but mine refuses to work with my crappy ISP - Sky. They annoy me so much with their stupid restrictions that I think I'll switch.


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I took another peek inside the units. The box that does the switching of the heating circuits had a MSP430F5659 on the reverse of the board that I couldn't see until I took the PCB out. The remote temperature sensor had a MSP430F5635 and a CC1101 and a small solar panel that apparently is enough to power it even with fairly low indoor lighting.


I've very impressed with both the product and the company's service. They got a new firmware build to fix my DNS issues built and remotely deployed to me within a day.

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