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F5529, USB and USB device classes

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Anyone experimenting with this or have any thoughts on how this could be done in Energia?


I'd like to do something like this with my MAP pressure sensor thing, where the user could drag and drop (or software on the computer could save) 'tuning' files to the device and that the unit would use for mapping its pressure sensor to the DAC.


If possible, I'd also like to extend this to applying firmware updates in a similar fashion.

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I can receive data in serial monitor but when i send data to controller i did not get any send char back.


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Great news :)


From the gitHub tickets page:




F5529 USB support is being worked on. Stellaris/Tiva is a bit trickier since the license for the USB lib is proprietary and can not be combined or distributed with open source like Energia. I am sure that TI will change the license to their BSD license but as all things legal, this is probably going to take a while.
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