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Hello from North Dakota

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Hey, just wanted to poke my head in the forum and say hi.


I'm a relatively new micro controller user, not in years but experience. I've dabbled in the field since i was in high school with picaxe micros. moved up to arduino, then to pic and now my new favorite is the MSP430 chips. I never really had much time but now at work someone asks "i wish i could do this" and i answer "give me a couple days, and we'll see". Most of my projects are gadgets and trinkets of the practical kind. I'm in Minot, ND and i'm looking to start a local hacker space here soon, i think i've even got the space to operate out of. I also thought i'd post up my first project so far, A countdown timer until my Uncle's 50th birthday using the nokia 3310 LCD from sparkfun (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10168). Almost done, but attached is a picture of the LCD plugged right into the launchpad. solder on the headers, with pin 1 in the VCC, GND in P1.0 and so on. The backlight can be used (pin 8) if you jumper the dip socket and p1.6 to p2.5(not used on smaller value line chips).


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No modification required. I just soldered the female header to the lauchpad, the crystal since i'm doing something time based, and soldered the male header from the kit to the lcd after breaking off a couple pins. plugs right in, and even with the backlight running, the sink/source limit of 20mh (I think) is enough for this low power LCD. I had it running for quite a while on two 2016 batteries stacked in a 2032 holder and regulated with a LM317 regulator. The LCD does require more than 3.0 i found to run right.


The back part of the LCD isn't supported so I might make a shield out of it sometime, but for quick projects, it can just sit on the header just fine.



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Welcome, TopHatHacker! Nice work on the LCD. I'll be looking for your post on the project. :D


I spent about 6 years in Dickinson, ND with the USAF (little radar site outside of New England, ND). Great community. I met and married my wife there.


Good luck on the hacker space! I wish there were one near me.

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@NatureTM: Its fun all around. Either he finds it fun, and I had fun making it OOOOR he finds it annoying, I have fun torturing him, and I had fun making it. Either way, fun all around :D


@Timotet: I'll be posting the project soon enough, but if you've got a specific question, I can surely help. Also, I'm usually on freenode.net IRC

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