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[ ENDED ] Nov 2013 - Jan 2014 - 43oh Project of the Month Contest

Nov 2013 - Jan 2014 43oh Project of the Month Contest  

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I'm going to throw my project on here.


It is a SD card based audible alarm player. *now with sound quality*


the user provides a 24v signal on one of two input wires, and the unit takes that 24v power and uses it to power up the MSP430 and amplifier.  It reads the file linked to that input signal and plays it out the speaker.  I did a couple of tricks to improve sound quality.  right now it is working best with 8kHz 8 bit wav files, but it adapts to other sample rates on the fly.  right now it doesn't understand how to read 16 bit files, but this is just the first draft, and that is in the planning.



@@JWoodrell, is there a project page for this.


My project: a small low-cost, battery-powered wireless sensor board based on the MSP430G value series MCUs and the new CC1200 radios.


The radio part is based on TI's CC1200 reference design, the MCU part is based on the launchpad: LED and button on the pins you expect; all MCU pins will be easily accessible via pin headers.  Working on the schematics/PCB right now.  

@@FredrikNyman Do you have a project page for this?

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Listing as per time of entry in 43oh and Stellarisiti POTM threads. 

First, projects with highest no. of votes are sorted. If multiple projects have the same no. of votes, they are sorted as per the time they were submitted. 
Winners in order:

There are at least 19 prizes to be won. I'll be contacting each one of you in order and you can select anything from the prize pool. The prize list will be published in a day or two as I need to get in touch with the sponsors and see when they are ready to ship.
The only prize I'm concerned about is the Panavise. Shipping that International will be a concern.
Congratulations to everyone who entered!

  1. Mastech MS8211N 2000 Count Handheld Digital Multimeter
  2. Panavise Junior kit
  3. Saleae Logic Analyzer
  4. DLP Design RFID kit
  5. Pervasive displays 2" EPD kit
  6. Your choice of Design, Laser Cut by 43oh Member Fred
  7. Noritake GU144x16D VFD display
  8. Elecrow Arduino Prototyping kit
  9. Elecrow $10  PCB Prototyping coupon code - 1
  10. Elecrow $10 PCB Prototyping coupon code - 2
  11. Elecrow $10 PCB Prototyping coupon code - 3
  12. Elecrow $10 PCB Prototyping coupon code - 4
  13. Elecrow $10 PCB Prototyping coupon code - 5
  14. CircuitCo SD-Card Kit - 1
  15. CircuitCo SD-Card Kit - 2
  16. CircuitCo Educational BoosterPack Kit
  17. $20 gift card Sparkfun/Amazon/Adafruit 
  18. Stellaris Launchpad kit - 1
  19. Stellaris Launchpad kit - 2

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