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43oh Welcomes Saleae, Exclusive 43oh Member Offer. Ends Nov. 13, 2013

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Looks like they've extended their range with 4 new devices that can cope with analogue signals (0-5V for the Logic 4 or Logic 8, -10 to 10V for the Logic Pro 8 or Logic Pro 16). http://www.saleae.com


They seem to be available for preorder and whilst the banner at the top makes it look like a Kickstarter, it doesn't seem to be. The prices seem to be creeping up towards low-end oscilloscope territory though.

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Yeah; I got the blurb on that too (having purchased both a Logic and Logic16). Anybody have opinions on the approach they're taking?


One reason I almost never use the two scopes I have (DSO Quad and Rigol DS1102E) is I find the interface on a dedicated device to be really unfriendly. I'm tempted to get either a Logic8 or Logic Pro8 in hopes it'll be usable. (Though they're three days into the campaign and are already at 78% of their goal, so by the time I decide it'll probably be too late to be an early adopter.)

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