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Adding new core to Energia?

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Thanks to the excellent work of simpleavr and friends on this thread, http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2962-bit-bang-usb-on-msp430g2452/


... I now have a little stripboard msp430 development board with usb bootloader!


I would now like to program it from Energia but one immediate stumbling block is that it uses a custom upload tool, not mspdebug.


Any ideas how I can tell boards.txt (or anywhere else which needs to know) about this?




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Arduino version 1.5.x (which hasn't been released) has been changed to make it easier to support non avr chip architectures. It uses additional external config files to add toolchains and flash loaders without having to modify the IDE code written in java. The Arduino guys used it to add ARM chip support.

I've tested it out to see how hard it would be to add the cc430f5137 with a custom gdb_bootloader I wrote. I didn't have to modify the java, I just created some config files for the uploader (msp430-gdb) and a new board description and core for the cc430. Was fairly simple. You do have to rearrange the directory structure somewhat to conform to the new scheme.

git clone that
cd build
ant clean build run

With Energia, you would create a new board in the config files. To deal with a different way to load the code you have a couple of choices. 1.) Modify the java source to invoke your loader or 2.) create a program / shell script / batch file that takes the same command line arguments as mspdebug and does usb boot loader stuff instead of mspdebug spy-bi-wire stuff.


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Following rickta59's advice and that here: https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/wiki/Arduino-IDE-1.5---3rd-party-Hardware-specification I created a platform.txt file for the boot430 board.


As a side-effect, it also integrates all of the msp430-based launchpad boards into Arduino (using the Energia cores).


Should anyone be interested in such an heresy, they can find it here: https://github.com/jscrane/energia

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