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I just discovered an impressive Arduino program called Bitlash in a video demo http://pinocc.io/blog/building-the-internet-of-things/preview-pinoccio-api/ (about the Pinoccio mesh networking module). 


It lets you define and run tasks from a shell. 


Has anyone tried porting it to the MSP430? 

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Well, that was a very interesting rabbit trail for me.


Not only did I see bitlash in action, I learned about the Pinoccio board it was running on. It uses an ATMEGA128RFR2 processor. It has radio mesh capability!


And it's all open source!


Thanks RobLewis!


Hey jpnorair! Have you checked out the pinnocio board yet? 

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Looks fun.  The main feature here is Bitlash, since the pinoccio is just a 15.4 board running Atmel's proprietary stack.  The application protocol (API) is MQTT, but there isn't IP on the Pinoccio, instead they use a WiFi gateway to do all that URL addressing.  Here is the blog entry you want to read (just zoom to the bottom section): http://pinocc.io/blog/building-the-internet-of-things/a-single-protocol-for-the-internet-of-things/'>A single protocol for the Internet of Things?

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