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Nov-Dec 2013 Project of the Month Sponsors/Planning

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Hello 43oh'ers.


This is a call to members who would like to donate or give away kits for the 43oh 2013 Project of the Month Contest prize pool. 


I have a few kits which I have and do not use. If you are interested in sponsoring or giving away a kit, add yours to the list below. Please note that a donating member will have to ship the kit to me. This will free you of the hassle of waiting to ship and also save International shipping costs. Overseas( outside the US ), will keep the kits to themselves until the end of the contest. I'll let you know when to ship it.


[Please provide links to your kits]


---As Of November 8th, 2013----------------------------------------------------------

(1) Logic 8 Analyzer-------------------------------------------------------Saleae

(1) Mastech MS8211N 2000 Count Handheld Digital Multimeter--Saelig

(1) PanaVise Mount Package--------------------------------------------Panavise

(1) 2" Pervasive Displays EPD - Kit-------------------------------------Pervasive Displays

(1) DLP-7970ABP NFC/RFID Reader BoosterPack------------------DLP Design

(1) $20 gift card Sparkfun/Amazon/Adafruit ---------------------------Abecederian

(1) Your choice of Design, Laser Cut by 43oh Member Fred------Fred

(3) Li-Ion 3.7v 1150mAh batteries---------------------------------------Legailutin

(2) Stellaris Launchpad Kits.---------------------------------------------Bluehash



---------------------Special Coupon Codes for 43oh Members---------------------

RobotShop is offering a 7% discount off your order. See here for  more details.

Saleae is offering 20% off your order. See here for more details.


Please note that donating members can participate.

Thanks for your time.



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43oh is glad to welcome Pervasive Displays. They recently sponsored a very successful Giveaway and are also giving away a 2" EPD Kit!


Founded by Chilin Technology (the display systems business within the Chi Mei Group) Pervasive Displays Inc. (PDI) is a pioneer in the area of industrial e-paper displays using E Ink imaging film to deliver ultra-low-power panels in a variety of sizes from a 1.44" e-tag to a 10.2" tablet. By partnering with E Ink, the industry leader in e-paper film, PDI's produces "electrophoretic displays" that are bistable in nature

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43oh is happy to welcome DLP Design to our Community. DLP Design recently came out with a NFC/RFID BoosterBack for the Launchpad and are sponsoring their kit for the POTM Contest - DLP-7970ABP NFC/RFID Reader BoosterPack.


Their products include USB adapters, USB security dongles, development and evaluation boards, temperature/humidity sensors and RF/RFID products. Their signature line of USB adapter boards (and their royalty-free drivers) offer customers a variety of options to interface with serial, parallel, single- and dual-channel platforms and multiple mechanical interfaces to accommodate numerous types of connectivity.





The DLP-7970ABP is an add-on board designed to fit TI

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43oh member @@Fred has graciously donated his time and laser cutting skills for one of winner's choice of design. Thank you Fred.


You can see some of Fred's work in this thread where he improved upon @ILAMtitan's design.

Thanks Fred!


I'd like to donate something. I've been collecting toys lately and I'm lucky enough to have a 3D printer and a laser cutter. I'd be happy to print/laser something. The winner can email me the design for what they want. I'll make it and ship it.


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Good News! Panavise came back to us with a sponsorship prize for the POTM and also bought some ad-space. A big thank you to them. Very much appreciated!

All the items below can be purchased from Panavise.com . The 201+ package below can be put together to make a perfect workstation for your boards.


$26 - PanaVise Model 201 "Junior" Miniature Vise

$23.99 - PanaVise 312 Tray Base Mount

$16.99 - PanaVise 371 Solder Station(includes soldering iron holder, spool holder and nib sponges)

$2.69 - PanaVise 239 Speed Control Handle for 201, 203, 207 and 209

$3.49 - PanaVise 204 Neoprene Pads


Total Panavise Sponsorship - $73.16



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We have another 43oh POTM Sponsor - Saelig Electronics. Welcome!


Saelig is a Sales and Marketing Agent and Distributor for more than 100 manufacturers from all over the world. Founded in 1988 by Alan Lowne, Saelig has earned a growing reputation for having notable products not found elsewhere.

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We are excited to welcome Saleae as a Sponsor to 43oh. Saleae makes USB-based logic analyzers which can record over 1 billion samples and decode SPI, I2C, Serial, 1-Wire, CAN, Manchester and I2S. They are known for their Logic 8 and Logic 16 Analyzer and very intuitive user interface.

We have met them at a couple of Maker Faires and are a fun bunch of people.


Saleae is sponsoring one Logic 8 for the POTM Contest. Valued at $149, it is a tool every embedded enthusiast should have. Thank you, Saleae!






Input voltage range: -0.5V to 5.25V
Input Low Voltage: -0.5V to 0.8V
Input High Voltage: 2.0V to 5.25V
Works with 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 2.0V systems. May work with 1.8V but not recommended.
ESD protected per CE requirements
Over-voltage protection to +/- 15V. Not meant for continuous operation outside -0.5V to 5.25V.
Input Impedance: 1Mohm || 10pF (typical, approximate)
Error/Accuracy: pulse-width measurement: +/- 42ns (at 24MHz).
Sample Rate & Depth
24MHz. 16MHz, 12MHz, 8MHz, 4MHz, 2MHz, 1MHz, 500KHz, 250KHz, 200KHz, 100KHz, 50KHz, 25KHz; Note that achieving the highest sample rates requires low USB latency; this may not be achievable on all computers. Performance may improve with the removal of other USB devices, using a different USB host controller, or increasing the software's process priority.
10B samples. Absolute max depends on data compressibility, available RAM and operating system. 10B samples assumes reasonably high compressibility.



What's in the Box
Logic (fully tested)
1x9 Ultra-Flexible Test Lead Set
x9 Micro Hook Clips
USB Cable (1.8M length, A to mini- B )
Custom Carrying Case
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@@t0mpr1c3 your welcome!




43oh welcomes RobotShop.com as a new sponsor to the POTM! The Robot Shop specializes in personal and professional robot technology and offer a wide range of robotic products and services in this sector.

What? No link?  Making us TYPE like common people from last century or something?  ;-)


EDIT: Wow! Those guys have a ton of cool stuff.

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Can I add my modest contribution? I would like to add three (3) Li-Ion 3.7v 1150mAh batteries to the prize pool.



:smile: Will Post the pictures as soon as I get home tonight. I have used it in a project using schematics and parts of the LiPo boosterpack. It charges and works perfectly. I can share the Kicad schematics with the community when needed.



A picture of all three batteries.


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