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[ ENDED ] Oct 2013 - 43oh Halloween Contest

2013 43oh Halloween Contest  

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Thank you for your submissions! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween, scaring people. 

Voting is now open. you may select your project from the first post.


The winner get the TI Sensor Tag Kit.

All other entries get a ProtoPad and v1.4 Launchpads( as long as it is <3oz). The winner can request this too. Thanks for participating guys.


Poll ends Nov 3rd. 9:00PM EST


@@enl @@Fred @@t0mpr1c3 @@mpymike

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I didn't actually see this contest until I had already posted on the forum. My project is exceedingly lame. Yes this is as far as I have got with ARM microcontrollers: I can successfully plug in a Tiv

Took the challenge. Started monday when I got home from work.   Project is spooky eyes for the bushes. 8 channels, each of which will drive approx 3 amps, which is abou 110LEDs from the the 12V LED

I'm on it. I'll document it properly over the nest few days, but if you just want a peek at the finished item it's here:  Hope it's Halloweeny enough.

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Animated Darth Vader Build Monitor[Fred] (2 votes [18.18%])
MPY Halloween Ghost Project[MPYMike] (5 votes [45.45%])
Glowing Pumpkin[t0mpr1c3] (0 votes [0.00%])
Halloween Eyes[enl] (4 votes [36.36%])


Thank you all! @@mpymike wins this years Halloween Contest. @@Fred, @@t0mpr1c3 and @@enl, please PM me your addresses. I'll be sending out a Protoboard a blank v1.4 Launchpad. Congratulations to all. Thanks for participating!


MPYMike, PM me your address too. You have the BT kit.

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PM'd you my address. It was fun to enter and great to get a couple of votes. Congratulations Mike. If I remember in time, I may do something like the @@t0mpr1c3 glowing eyes for the hedge outside my house next year. Maybe with some pager motors for vibration so it seems like something is moving around.

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 Maybe with some pager motors for vibration so it seems like something is moving around.


I've got some "rumble" motors I salvaged from a video game controller a while ago that I've been meaning to do this with.  Bigger motors, better shake!

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Thankyou everyone! I had a whole lot of fun doing this project.


Halloween evening started out really well, I also brought out the mpy creeper and zombie models

and programmed up some other Launchpads with flashing led displays. There was a lot going on.


However my poor ghost was so busy shuddering and rushing up and down the garden

that by about 8:00pm the motor started straining for some reason, and then the string snapped   :crazy:  


I think part of the problem was the ultrasonic detector started triggering sporadically. 

So at the end it was triggering and constantly on the go.

I suspect that the ghost battery must of drained and the HC-SR04 started to output bad echo

signals (I forgot to put fresh batteries in it, I think).


Has anyone had good experience using the cheap HC-SR04 ultrasonic detectors?



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