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Water Pump

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Hi guys!

I need a little help to choose a water pump for my project! I'm using the ez430-rf2500 kit which has a msp430f2274 micro controller! I just need a water pump to irrigate plants! I also have a soil moisture sensor and I need a water pump so when the soil moisture reaches a certain threshold the water pump should be turned on for watering the plant! I need a simple pump to do that! I've been searching for a water pump in the web but as a newbie i'm not sure which to choose!

Can anybody help me please?


Thanks in advance!

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Automotive windshield washer pump would be perfect for this.  Look into that and look into the appropriate tubing for whatever model vehicle you're stealing the pump from.  Check junkyards or if they're not too much money an auto parts store (e.g. look up some crappy low-cost model of economy car and see how much its pump costs).


It also requires a big reservoir which you'll have to fill manually.... if you don't have an apparatus already to automatically top it off.  But a big enough bucket or tank would still give you a major time-savings over going outside to water every single day.  Actually I keep meaning to implement something like this for my wife, just haven't diverted the time to it :)

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why not use the garden hose water connection and a solenoid valve ?

I'll second that. In my pre-microcontroller days, I had grand visions of an automatic watering system for my garden, down to a controller made from discretes. I used standard drip irrigation parts sourced from the hardware store, and bought a 12v solenoid to switch the water on/off. I put all the watering stuff in place, and instead of the solenoid and controller circuitry just used a tap-timer to test the watering side until I got the chance to build my controller. That was almost 20 years ago, and I'm sad to say the tap-timer is still doing the job, the solenoid is sitting in a parts bin, and I've long since lost my controller design. Of course if I ever feel so inclined I can now make a much simpler controller using the 430. Unless your irrigation project involves pumping water from a tank or dam, I'd say just use mains water pressure instead of a pump and use a solenoid designed for the drip/spray irrigation systems to turn the water on/off.
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I recently needed some hi temp pumps with self priming ability and ended up dealing with ussolarpumps.com off of eBay. I sent emails asking details and was shocked at how awesome the customer support was. The pumps air top quality too.


Just contact Michael P. Kehoe

US Solar Pumps

1-570-388-2622 Office

1-570-780-9524 Cell



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Stilll don't have enough information.


Indoor plants in pots? Outdoor plants like rose bushes? Or heavy shrubs? Large number or only a few? Environvent (dry, moist, warm, cold?) Makes a difference between pints every couple days or gallons several times a day.


Also, what is water supply? City water? Well? Pond?


If outdoor and more than a maybe a couple of gallons a day, I second (third? forth?) the solenoid valve as best solution.


No pressurized water (drawing from a pond or equiv) need to know how much water and more about situation to make a suggestion, as pump sizing is important.


One or two small shubs or indoor, I would probably go with the suggested winshield pump. Might draw from a toilet tank for the source, but one lower than the outlets to prevent siphoning.

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I took apart a broken refrigerator and there was a nice little solenoid valve controlling water supply to the ice maker. 


This might be perfect if you can use water from a hose bib. I'd put an inexpensive pressure regulator upstream of the valve to make the water stream more manageable. Something like this from DripWorks: 



Whatever you do, beware of freezing temps! 

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I've had a similar project on my bench for a little while. For the water pump I picked up a small pump on amazon that runs off off +5v power supply(was trying to find something that was based on those little solar water pond things but not the submersible type) I think it was around $10-20ish (though I can't find it again). It's not very powerful(3-5lpm), but I've run it off of a solar panel and have managed to have it pump out of a 1 gallon water bottle and onto a plant about 2-3 feet up. Hose size was fairly small, I'll have to check it later. 2 issues that I'd so far ran into. This was not a self priming water pump and in fact it would drain eventually causing air bubbles that would stop it from working. I used a one way value to solve the issue and have not had any issues with this solution. The second thing was testing the hose, after about a week a slime like buildup occurred in the hose and water....Not sure what the deal was. I haven't done anything since draining the pump a while back. To trigger the pump I used one of those small 6v/12v relays from RS(they are useful after all). Some other things to consider, voltage/current supply may vary the lpm of the pump(if you are running from a solar panel), so if you're running on a non regulated power source, you may under water your plants. If you are running on a regulated source, don't overtax it. These little buggers can fry a vreg if you're not careful. Also, most of these motors don't like to run dry, so make sure you have a level checker for your water source and thoroughly test it. 

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