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I have the watch from the first release, way back when.


I seem to recall reading that later versions could be reprogrammed wirelessly without disassembly.


Did I dream it? I can't seem to find any reference to that now. And the current TI text confusingly says it "may be disassembled" to reprogram it.


Can someone clarify this for me?




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http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php ... 8RF_BSL.29


The Wireless Update feature allows you to change the firmware on the Chronos wirelessly. There will be no need to open the enclosure to upgrade the program in use. Hardware debugging (setting breakpoints, single stepping, etc) is not possible over a BSL because physical access to the JTAG/Spy Bi-Wire is required for in-system programming.

All eZ430-Chronos produced after April 2010 will include this feature. The production code is found on the bottom of the box. However, earlier kits have to be manually updated to support the wireless Update.


Details on how to do it are in the link.

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