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Thermocouple BoosterPack ADS1118

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The 430BOOST-ADS1118 Booster Pack provides a quick and low-cost solution to evaluate and develop the ADS1118 for temperature measurement applications using type K thermocouples. This booster pack comes with preloaded firmware for the MSP430G2553 device. The software also provides fully commented source code for users to get started developing applications.


  • Actual temperature display in
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Slick!  Saves me from having to design a MAX31855 boosterpack at some point :-)

ADS1118 is an ADC from what I gather... I wonder what other HW is onboard, luckily it shouldn't be hard to find out.  I'm assuming there's an opamp or PGA for the thermocouple along with temp sensor (if the ADS1118 doesn't already have one built-in)

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