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Small Quadruped

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Hey guys - haven't been around much lately - but wanted to post my latest WIP.  I'm working on an MSP430-powered (G2553 for now) Quadruped.  It's based on this design from Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:38159.  I've modified it a bit to work with some metal-gear servos (http://www.ebay.com/itm/161066818608).  


Just using Energia for servo-testing right now, but wanted to post some pics.  I've got the STL files that seem to be working well.  I'll upload them when everything looks good - but if someone is interested in getting started earlier - let me know.


Only pics right now - no video.  I lost a servo - think it was stuck or something when I applied power - *poof* - magic smoke gone.  I'll post some video once I get a replacement (hopefully here on Monday).


Oh - and if you're interested but don't have a 3D printer - let me know - I'd be glad to send off a set of parts.



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That was my next question, on an hexapod you can form triangles, seems hard to maintain equilibrium on a 4 legged walker with so little joints.

I was hand-placing the feet.  If I rotate the hip joints a certain way - it provides a stable triangle to pull one leg off of the ground.  That's something I'd need to work into the walking pattern though.  

This robot: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:30088 seems to move two legs at a time - something you'd probably need to do quickly.  It's 2DOF like this design though.


I'm probably going to need to add another controller or move up to the F5529 if I want to control more servos.

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Yes, and yes. 


I'm still getting the other printer (a RigidBot), but I wanted to get started with 3D printing, and it looks like 1st quarter next year or so (typical KickStarter delays) before I'll get it.  The guy running the project actually offered us an additional printer at the KickStarter price (sounds like it will go way up for retail).  I, of course, bought another that I'll probably sell to a friend.

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