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Thanks for your suggestion to look at the MSP430G2955, it has worked out well.


I ordered a few G2955s TSSOP and successfully did my first SMD hand soldering.  I have decided to use Energia, and lightly modified / cleaned up the code at the WIZnet site so that it installs and runs as an Energia library more easily.  Tested on G2955 and F5529 with Energia v17.  For those interested the code is here.


Good stuff!  Having 4KB SRAM makes things a lot nicer with TCP/IP...

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Buy: The 43oh Store or Rob's Tindie Store.   The newest version of the Ethernet BoosterPack is based on the newest chip from WIZnet, W5500.   P1.5 - SCLK P1.6 - MISO P1.7 - MOSI P2.3 - /CS P2.

Ok, my totally reworked version of RobG's G2553 example.   A number of changes have occurred here to Rob's core code: 1. Some minor bugs in the Sn_IMR macros in w5500.h were fixed (although I don't

Not yet. W5500 is different from W5200 in many ways and it requires new code. I will post something next week.

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Hey, sorry for the delay, lots of things going on in my life now.


F5172 because I needed a lot of RAM to store pixel data. 


G2553 was used just to prove it can be done! I would definitely switch to something larger (besides limited RAM, 2553 became too expensive.)


I am not doing anything with WIZnet anymore, I switched to TM4C129 and CC3xxx

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