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Buy: The 43oh Store or Rob's Tindie Store.   The newest version of the Ethernet BoosterPack is based on the newest chip from WIZnet, W5500.   P1.5 - SCLK P1.6 - MISO P1.7 - MOSI P2.3 - /CS P2.

Ok, my totally reworked version of RobG's G2553 example.   A number of changes have occurred here to Rob's core code: 1. Some minor bugs in the Sn_IMR macros in w5500.h were fixed (although I don't

Not yet. W5500 is different from W5200 in many ways and it requires new code. I will post something next week.

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My server software is not ready for prime time yet, so here is the driver part.

This should be enough to get things going for those who have my v3 BP or use W5500.




Im trying to understand your code  :blink: but I dont know where is your definition and implementation of 

extern u_char sendReceiveByteSPI(u_char byte);


I wrote this instead:

//extern u_char sendReceiveByteSPI(u_char byte);
u_char sendReceiveByteSPI(u_char d) {  // send character over SPI
    u_char received = 0;
	while ((SPIF.STATUS & SPI_IF_bm)==0);
	received = SPIF.DATA; 
    return (received);   

Great job btw.


P.S.: Does somebody have a demo.c for a sample webserver.

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Thank you Rob for the quick response. My function looks similar to your code with small changes to work on xmega spi. Im trying to adapt a code vision sample that uses Arduino Uno ATmega328 board + Wiznet W5100 shield as hardware to work with xmega128a1 + Wiznet W5500. Do you have any demo.c or some function how to correctly use your drivers to get the webserver running.

Thanks in advance.

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