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Anyone up for a Halloween contest?

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Its a ghost suspended on a loop of string running from front gate to front door.


Launchpad #1 mounted in the ghost detects trick-or-treaters (ping detector)

Flashes LEDs, screams through a speaker, sends signal (RF Tx module)


Launchpad #2 receives signal (RF Rx module) and switches on the motor 

which pulls the ghost on the string towards the front door along side the trick-or-treaters

They freak out and run away never to be seen again.


Still waiting for my rf modules from elecrow.com though

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@b# I'm ok,   I have Launchpads coming out of my ears!


There's nothing I need, just thought the competition sounded fun.

Ok.. I had a TI Sensor Tag with me which I'm not using anymore and will be glad to give it away. 


Once you have your project, put it up in the Projects section and we'll have a vote for a few days. I'm excited!



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Thank you for your submissions! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween, scaring people. 

Voting is now open. you may select your project from the first post.


The winner get the TI Sensor Tag Kit.

All other entries get a ProtoPad and v1.4 Launchpads( as long as it is <3oz). The winner can request this too. Thanks for participating guys.


@@enl @@Fred @@t0mpr1c3 @@mpymike

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