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http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/dn263137.aspx Implemented as a bunch of extensions to their printer driver code and win32 api. Of course the format the rest of the world is using (STL) isn't good enough and they can't control it so they came up with their own 3d format to cause a rift and force people to pay attention to what they are doing if they want to play. It is typical Micro$oft tactics. Embrace, extend, extinguish. Everything they get involved with becomes a cluster f***.
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From your link,

Your app must create a 3D model and add it to a document package as independent content. A 3D model is a collection of one or more physical objects in a markup format. Your app may also provide 2D XPS content. Depending on whether the package is sent to a 3D printer or a 2D printer, the 3D content or the 2D XPS content is printed. The content is sent to the printer by writing either the 3D content or the combined 3D and XPS file via a 3D package writer object (IXpsOMPackageWriter3D). For more info about Windows printing, see Printing.

Of course it's going to be tied to the printer driver code and Windows' API's: how else would it interface with Windows?


And we'll forget the fact it's based around XPS which is an open standard adopted by ECMA and others, meaning anyone can interpret the container and print the object and therefore Linux developers can write their own drivers.


If Linux users and dev's aren't on the bandwagon, that's their problem.


I'm not here to argue motives. I only thought it was cool.

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