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how to speed up Energia?

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Both Arduino and Energia use Java, maybe your JVM is out of date?

I think Energia uses a bundled JVM/JRE- 1.6.0_16, or at least the Java control panels finds that one in its directory.

A little concerning to me since 1.7.0_40 has been out a while and that wasn't used with the latest Energia release.



And I'm not sure about COM ports- I have 1 port for each of: 3 MSP430 LP's, 1 Stellaris, 1 Tiva, 1 Renesas RX62N and 1 Freescale TRK5634M boards plus two motherboard ports showing in Windows' device manager and Energia gives me no issues.

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As I said on my last post, I've found that the bluetooth com port did all the trouble when enabled and not connected. I'm using win7 and connected to it msp430 X 2 and one stellaris. In my case it doesn't matter what connected , the Energia gets so slow that you can make coffee between mouse clicks on the menu.


Btw: it happens on the last version of Energia too.

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I had a couple of bluetooth com port, first I disabled them and then uninstalled them. Now It seems to run a little bit faster but It's far from optimum. Also updated Java but It was the same.

I downladed the Energia Enhanced Release for Windows and that one seems to work OK.

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