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LaunchPad HD44780 LCD USB PC interface

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Software is crap :o .It is just proof of concept. So if you like my project , improve it. :D

Lcdsmartie plugin could receive COM port in DISPLAYDLL_Init (now is hard coded at COM13)

Plugin could wait for BREAK signal and don't use any delays.

MSP430 code could be improved, with eliminating delays and connecting HD44780 RW pin to P2.6 and holding USART in BREAK state.

Or by connecting transistor at P2.7 to control backlight of LCD. Just insert IF code


IF (rxBuffer==0b000010xx) P2.7->LOW, backlight off, display off.

IF (rxBuffer==0b000011xx) P2.7->HIGH, backlight on, display on.


Or you can post scheme diagram that I'm using :lol:

Have fun, learn and enjoy!



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LCDSmartie is an open source project to control LCD backpacks from MartixOrbital, Crystal Fontz etc serially.


It can display: Everest stats, Speedfan stats, MBM stats (your CPU temp, fan/cooler speed, etc), BBC World News (or any other RSS feed!), WinAmp stats (currently playing tracks title, length, position, etc), Network stats (speed, total bytes, etc), CPU Speed, Disk available/free, memory


What Ike has done is create a driver interface between LCDSmartie and the LCD. The dll provides the software driver on the PC whereas the Launchpad acts as a translator between the serial com commands and translating them into LCD command signals.

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Very nice ike, Thanks for sharing. Does this allow us to use all functions of LCDSmartie?

Right now interface only support:




which are essential.

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You'll have to look into the msp430g2211.c file in the software.rar zip.

#define LCD_MODE_BIT 0x01	//BIT0
#define LCD_ENABLE_BIT 0x08	//BIT3

#define LCD_CMD_MASK 0x09
#define LCD_DATA_MASK 0xf0


If you find it tough to decode, I'll try to help you.

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Lets see. I've done this by looking at code and this datasheet from sparkfun.



Pin 1. GND

Pin 2. 5V

Pin 3. Contrast, resistor to gnd

Pin 4. Register Select - LCD_MODE_BIT in code (P1.0)

Pin 5. Read/Write. Always write, so GND it.

Pin 6. Enable Line - LCD_ENABLE_BIT in code (P1.3)

Pin 7. NC

Pin 8. NC

Pin 9. NC

Pin 10. NC

Pin 11. DB4 ----------------------------- P1.4

Pin 12. DB5 ----------------------------- P1.5

Pin 13. DB6 ----------------------------- P1.6

Pin 14. DB7 ----------------------------- P1.7

Pin 15. +5V for backlight

Pin 16. GND for backlight

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