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My first ever electronics or micrcontroller project: Radio Word clock

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I'm mostly a lurker on this forum, and watch in somewhat bemused awe at the things you folks manage to create. I'm right at the bottom of a massive learning curve with very little time to climb up it.


Still, I'm very happy with my first ever electronics or microcontroller project. 


It's a word clock inspired by an image of a commercial product I bumped into on the internet.


Parts list:


1) A cheap frame from our local hobby shop


2) An http://www.pvelectronics.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2'>







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Thanks all. I forgot the most important part from the parts list:


One of the MSP430's from the launchpad! I started off with the 2553, but swapped it for the 2452 because I have lots more to explore on the 2553 :)

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