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But I want to have something to work on at home. I don't have that much confidence with him to ask him to teach me soldering and to lend me that... I could ask him some tips, but that's just it...


On Monday morning I'm free and I'm planning to go to his "office" to ask help on choosing the right iron and some professional tricks when removing SMD components.

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I know that's a great tool to have on the tool box, almost like a philips screwdriver, but the problem is the cost. A good soldering iron is a lot more expensive than a good kit of screwdrivers :lol:

But I'll try to buy a good one the next week (if they were right about the stock's arrival). It don't have an holder, but it will do his work, I hope :grin:


have you looked at the pricing for the wiha screwdrivers? pretty damn expensive.

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But those are the exception that confirms the rule :mrgreen:

I haven't used any of the Wiha screwdrivers, but those are so good that worse the money they costs?

fairly good, easy to tell a good screwdriver from a bad one, but usually they can both do the job. thinking of getting one of their insulated precision sets.

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