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Simplest code, oddest behavior

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Yes, comment was to you @@igendel. Those IDEs make it easier to put your finger on the source of a register define or function call with a click of a button. There is a lot of good information in the comments of the msp430g2553.h header. Also, code completion saves an huge amount of time and mistakes. And you can't beat delayed hover help, it just makes life less confusing.


I've also been coding C/C++ for a long time ( more than 30 years ). It wasn't until I became interested in embedded development that I started to look at every asm instruction the compiler was generating. Now I fit entire programs in less flash memory than I used to use for a network socket work buffer.


With regards to the compiler options in Energia. When it all started, most people had version 1.4 of the msp430g2231 Launchpad. That chip had 2k of flash and 128 bytes of ram. If we had turned off optimization, a simple serial hello world program would have exhausted all the flash and ram.



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