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Say a quick Hi! to get your post count to 1, to enter our giveaways.

Interesting BoosterPack, I'm in!   Next Energia library?

I'll contribute $10 to the cause: meaning buying one for Rei Vilo... if they resist.



Hi all. I plan to finally start learning the msp430. I have been mostly AVR so far.



Hi - I'd love to get my hands on the WIFi booster pack...I'd like to know how much energy it takes to keep up with WIFI from a remote sensor harvesting energy...



Hi, count me in for the WiFly booster pack.



I'm in for the WiFly Boosterpack giveaway.

Hi Guys, your entry will not be counted unless you go to the raffle page and click "I want to participate"

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Hi Everybody,


More energy from the energia group. Good to see you all taking aprt in the WiFly Booster Pack giveaway.


  1. Has anybody try Energia IDE to program STM32xxxx ARM MCU family?
  2. Is it possible to add this MCU to Energia along with LaunchPad family? If so please give hints, advice, directions, how-to, etc...

My students are using the LaunchPad but we also have Vex Robotics with controllers based on ARM Cortex-M3 STM32f103VD that I will like the kids

to program interactively for their course assignments. My understanding is that program can be compiled with arm-none-eabi (using GNU, codesourcery, etc..)

which Energia already using. I think the addition of using STM32-Link utilitiy to upload to the STM32 microcontroller will be an add-on to Energia.


Anyway I am doing more research and studies on this path but please help! Mnay heads are better than one.


Hear from you Guys soon!


Happy new year to everybody!


God blesses!!!


Best regards,


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