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Playing with CC3000 on MSP430F5529 with Energia

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AFAIK you don't have to do stepwise firmware updates.  I updated an SP 1.7 firmware to 1.11.1 in one step.  (Though that was just as 1.11.1 was released, so perhaps since then there are warnings not to do that.)


Updating is definitely a good idea.  Older versions of CC3000 (especially pre 1.10) are horrible.

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Not sure it fits your plans, but I've got a git repository with the TI Host Driver and a few patches at https://github.com/pabigot/cc3000 that works well with mspgcc. This is only Host Driver version

BTW - I was able to get my 5529LP and CC3000 device to connect to a WPA2 router successfully with the new 0012 version of Energia that was released.

Ok fwiw...   #include "netapp.h"     later on: uint32_t dhcpIP, dhcpSubnet, dhcpDefaultGW, dhcpDNS;   if (netapp_dhcp(&dhcpIP, &dhcpSubnet, &dhcpDefaultGW, &dhcpDNS) != 0) {  

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I have this set of codes, i managed to connect to the network but i unable to connect to the internet, do i need to set my gateway?

if so  does anyone know how to set a gateway 


#include <SPI.h>
#include <wifi.h>
char ssid[]="ssid";
unsigned char pass[]= "password";
// gateway[]="192,168,1,1"; 
void setup()
void loop()
   byte test=WiFi.begin(ssid,pass); //if got variable inside, cannot run. but when no variable can run. LOGIC?? 
  Serial.print("Connected to:");
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Hello Naishadh,


you have to update the simplelink libraries and some other stuff as described in post #29. Then most of the stuff will work.

Be careful with UDP, there seem to be something not working yet.


Regards, Thorvard


Hello there,

    I am building a wi-fi switch using  MSSP430F5529 Launch pad and CC3000 booster pack. I tried to run the Simplelink web server example on the Energia software, but m getting so many errors..

can any one suggest me how to get through to this problem..

Waiting for the reply..

Regards, Naishadh. 

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