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Playing with CC3000 on MSP430F5529 with Energia

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Not sure it fits your plans, but I've got a git repository with the TI Host Driver and a few patches at https://github.com/pabigot/cc3000 that works well with mspgcc. This is only Host Driver version

BTW - I was able to get my 5529LP and CC3000 device to connect to a WPA2 router successfully with the new 0012 version of Energia that was released.

Ok fwiw...   #include "netapp.h"     later on: uint32_t dhcpIP, dhcpSubnet, dhcpDefaultGW, dhcpDNS;   if (netapp_dhcp(&dhcpIP, &dhcpSubnet, &dhcpDefaultGW, &dhcpDNS) != 0) {  

I already did the patch uploader - pretty simple.  I can't get mine to build - did you just import the projects into CCS?

Apparently I need to read directions :!!!:  http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC3000_Basic_Wi-Fi_example_application_for_MSP430F5529#Running_Basic_WiFi_Application_with_CCS_V5

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I'll have to do standalone somehow, as I don't have CCS licensed for MSP430 work.  Does it work with the F5529 LaunchPad?  Download seemed confusing... as I think it mentioned the MSP-EXP430F5529 (big expensive experimenter's board)

Might just wait 'till I got my old LP with me.


edit: I'm an idiot, they have the F5529LP option for d/l there but only 1.11.  Might still try it though.

edit2: Yeah, gonna wait 'till I have my old LP.  The v1.11.1 changes look like there might be 1 that affects me.

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Not sure it fits your plans, but I've got a git repository with the TI Host Driver and a few patches at https://github.com/pabigot/cc3000 that works well with mspgcc. This is only Host Driver version 13 (corresponds to SP 1.11) since they haven't released 14 (for SP 1.11.1) yet in the standalone version. But it's been working fine for me with the 1.24 (SP 1.11.1) firmware. (Or at least as fine as SimpleLink works: it's not a product-ready system, but is worlds better than it was last year.)


There's an example CC3000 program documented at http://pabigot.github.io/bsp430/ex_rf_cc3000.html. There are more features in the newer version in the bsp430 git repository.


Unfortunately I'm not scheduled to get a 5529LP until sometime in the second half of October, so the example only works on the F5438A-based experimenter boards (unless you disable enough commands to make it fit in either the Fraunchpad or G-series Launchpad).

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Im new to the MSP430 and Energia, but i played with the simplewebserver app too and succeded in retrieving the IP:

  //connect to an WPA2 AP
  WiFi.begin(ssid, pswd);

  _netapp_ipconfig_ret_args_t MyConfig;

  serverIP[0] = uint8_t(MyConfig.aucIP[3]);
  serverIP[1] = uint8_t(MyConfig.aucIP[2]);
  serverIP[2] = uint8_t(MyConfig.aucIP[1]);
  serverIP[3] = uint8_t(MyConfig.aucIP[0]);

  Serial.println("connect success!");
  Serial.print("To see this page in action, open a browser to http://");

Take a look at "netapp.h" for more information to retrieve more information like SSID, DNSServer, Gateway, Subnetmask.


best regards, Thorvard


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As @@Rei Vilo mentioned, the SimplelinkWiFi library has undergone a major revision. There are still a couple of things to address but in general it works for client and server. There is a slight issue with the connected() API but I hope to get that all fixed next week.

zip file with the latest and the greatest is here: http://energia.nu/files/SimplelinkWifi.zip

You will also have to get Client.h, IPAddress.cpp and IPAddress.h from https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/hardware/msp430/cores/msp430 and copy that into hardware/msp430/cores/msp430 inside Energia.

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On the CC3000, an additional problem may come from the firmware version. Energia provides a CC3000 Firmware Update to 1.11 but the sketch only works if the previous version is 1.10.


If you have bought the CC3000 early, I guess you have version 1.9 or prior like me.


So you need to update the Driver Patch Programmer and the Firmware Patch Programmer first to version 1.9, then to 1.10, and finally to 1.11. The updates require Windows, but don't work on Windows 8. I also had to switch the anti-virus off, as it was reporting false positive alerts continuously.


On the two CC3000 BoosterPacks I have,

  • one works now successfully with the simple web server smile.png but has had its MAC address changed huh.png ,
  • the other doesn't work sad.png but has kept its MAC address.


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