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Help me port energia to msp430f2274

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@@gwdeveloper This is my branch of Energia 0012 on Github: https://github.com/astuder/Energia/tree/ez430-rf2500t

The related pull-request in the main project is here: https://github.com/energia/Energia/pull/344


Fade works, but unfortunately none of the LED pins is able to PWM. T0A0 and T0B0 are used as period registers, see comments in wiring_analog.c. I also needed to do a minor change in wiring_analog.c to adapt to a slightly different peripheral name.


Attached all files that I changed from Energia 0012.


E0012 344 Pull.zip

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I downloaded a library but energia doesn't work with it.
how do I insert it?


If you're referring to the CC2500 library: That's just a starting point and will definitely need some serious work before working with Energia and the RF2500 board. I haven't had time yet to dig deeper into it.

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Sorry, I didn't realize that ZIP file of the pull-request was missing any folder structure. See here for a list of files I changed and where they belong: https://github.com/energia/Energia/pull/344/files

You should be able to simply replace the files that I changed, no need to edit in changes.


The important files are:

* boards.txt

* wiring_analog.c and wiring_digital.c

* hardware/msp430/variants/ez430-rf2500t subfolder with pins_energia.h


The changes under the folder "reference" are just for documentation.


Also I'm not sure if my starting point was the official Energia 0012 or already contained further commits. There are some changes afoot how analog pins are defined. If in doubt, clone my repo and replace the hardware/msp430 tree in the official Energia 0012 installation. https://github.com/astuder/Energia

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Adrian.... Thanks for this work !  I have been able to send a simple sketch to my eZ430->RF2500T...


I do get an error after it uploads the sketch....


fet: FET returned error code 4 (Could not find device (or device not supported))
warning: fet: reset failed
fet: warning: message C_IDENT3 failed
Did I fail to change one of the files ?  Oh, also had to comment out the TEMPSENSOR = A10 in pins_energia.h .... it was coughing on A10 I believe....
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After I fixed the TEMPSENSOR issue in my branch, Blink works.


Note that I:

- start with the regular Energia 0012 install

- clone the official Energia repository

- in the clone replace/add files from this pull request: https://github.com/energia/Energia/pull/344/files

- copy the complete hardware/msp430 sub-tree from the clone to the Energia 0012 install


The FET error points to a hardware issue.. I've also Code Composer Studio installed on the same machine, maybe that includes a required driver.


Also make sure there's a daughter board plugged into the USB dongle.


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Can you help me with serial communication in Energia for ez430-rf2500 ? Is there any change that must be done in libraries? I can not find adequate board for ez430-rf2500 to select in Energia.


Do you want to simply comunicate by serial or program it?

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I want to send some measured data wireless to the another ez430-rf2500 module. there is problem with Energia with board.

I find very complicated to program it by IRA. It will be much easier for my project to do it in Energia. I've managed to do this with board msp 540G2 but I don't know how to do it with this specific ez430-RF2500.

Many Thanks

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Energia does not officially support ez430-RF2500. You will have to get the latest Energia source code from Github and replace parts of Energia 0012 as explained above.


That being said, support for the CC2500 part, i.e a library to communicate between two modules, is still missing. There are some Arduino libraries for that chip, but I didn't have much success with these. Maybe @@gwdeveloper made some progress.

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