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New Energia release 0101E0010 - 09/12/2013

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On the latest release of Energia E0010 there is a problem with the SPI-library.


Try'd to verify the examples coming with energia and getting numerous errors on the SPI.h file like unit8_t has not been declared.


also SPI.transfer isn't in the class description.


Greetings Roche


using a Stellaris Launchpad LM4F120H5QR




I had nested the library-files to far in documents\energia\libraries therefore things where not moving.


after copying spi.h and spi.cpp in the lcd_screen-library things where moving.....


So i solved my problem in 3 days.... then i had to find out on which pins to connect my HY28A..... and finaly it works.....


I'm new to "C" and to the Stellaris Lauchpad, but my experience with PASCAL \ BASIC \ FORTHRAN and other languages helpt me.

I used to program PIC-micro's in BASIC....

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I had the same problem and I even went back to the earlier release for a while.


Eventually found the problem. The answer is in the release notes.





  • Tiva / Stellaris: Sketches or libraries that use the SPI library fail to compile
    As a side effect of fixing a line numbering issue, the insertion point of Energia.h was moved beyond SPI.h, SPI.h is not able to find certain typdefs defined in Energia.h.
    Work around:
    Include #include <Energia.h> as the first line of the Sketch.
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