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Stellaris Wireless Programming

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Hello, friends.
I am finishing a modification to the Energia IDE that allows you to program the Stellaris by bluetooth without needing a usb cable .
I've been having some problems, because I can not find where I can edit the command that is used at the time that the Energia program stellaris.
Anybody can help me about this?

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I come now to give the current status of this project.

What is already working?
Bluetooth Communication System between PC and Stellaris.
Programming and Serial over Bluetooth.

What's left to do?

Edit the Java of "Energy IDE" to send the commands necessary for the programming software (lm4flash.exe).

When complete the project I will give all the steps and information to all who want to program the stellaris by bluetooth.

After Stellaris'll try to do the same for the MSP430 and the Fraunchpad.

Now I need help from someone who can edit in java, the commands sent to the lm4flash.exe.

Thank you.

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@@rickysinho, the upload command is constructed in app/src/processing/app/debug/LM4FUploader.java

The uploader gets created in Sketch.java. Look for the function upload. One of the parameters that is being passed is a boolean "usingProgrammer". This is set to true when the user selects "Upload Using Progammer" from the "File" menu. You can then use the the API Preferences.get("programmer") to get the programmer that the user selected from Tools->Programmer. The programmer strings are in hardware/lm4f/programmers.txt. Use this programmer string in LM4FUploader.java to determine if the user selected your BT uploader from the Tools->Programmer. 


Hope this helps to get you on the right track.



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