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(Universal) Color LCD graphics library (2)

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Thanks Rei,

I am surprised such a working library doesn't exist as ili9341 is such a common driver so it is a very basic need,

DOes the (Universal) Color LCD graphics library can serve this purpose?

I have tried to port the Adafruit_ili9341 library but it doesn't compile,

First the compiler didn't recognize all the #define statement for functions

and after I replaced them in the code, it started throwing error messages for not recognizing the Registers names, so I got errors like this one:

error: 'misopinmask' was not declared in this scope

I am now trying to rewrite the code by using the SPI.h library, I will update if I get to any useful results,

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This is my new universal graphics library (original one is here.)   Supported boards (this is out of the "box" support, but the library will work with any board after small changes.)   TI's MSP430

This was the case, at least for me. According to the datasheet I have for this display, the RGB/BGR direction is controlled by HW pin, so I made the following changes to the code in graphics.c file.

Here's something you can use for testing (software SPI only.)   ugl16stella.zip

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Hi Rei,

Thank you for letting me know,

anyway I have already modified the Adafruit GFX library so it now runs on the CC3200,

I will publish it as soon as I finish some last cleanups,

During the process, I have learned about some compilation differences between Arduino and Energia which I'd be happy to share if there is any interest



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i am using 2.4 inch tft and msp430f133 evaluation board planning to interface the lcd to it do u have supporting library for it its says(9341) in bracket

i am new to use this lcd can anyone give me the flow and model example code of it 


with regards 


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