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(Universal) Color LCD graphics library (2)

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This is my new universal graphics library (original one is here.)   Supported boards (this is out of the "box" support, but the library will work with any board after small changes.)   TI's MSP430

This was the case, at least for me. According to the datasheet I have for this display, the RGB/BGR direction is controlled by HW pin, so I made the following changes to the code in graphics.c file.

Here's something you can use for testing (software SPI only.)   ugl16stella.zip

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Hi @@RobG,


I have bought the 2.2 240x340 v3 lcd from tindie few months ago but I still cannot make it work. My intention is to make it work with the C2000 launchpad, so I am also in touch with @@timotet.


First I would like to ask if the jumpers are ok for the C2000. My board has JP1,JP2 and JP4 set to "1" and all the others are unsoldered. 


Secondly, I have used @@timotet code, for which I am very thankful, and modified it with the ugl16 library (timotets library are compatible with the ILI9225 controller).


Despite my efforts I have not managed to make it run. The screen lights up (in white color), but does not respond to any instructions.

If you have any idea I would be glad to hear from you.


Thank you in advance for your help.


P.S Here is my code:  www.dropbox.com/s/kgdqnvyy9aeqix8/C2000_RGlcd_SPI.zip?dl=0

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I have managed to find a solution. I had wrong schematics of the board. I reconfigured the PINS and now works like a charm.


I will spend some more time to make my code more readable and I would like to share it in the community of 43oh.


Thank you very much for your help.

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Hello RobG,


I switched to MSP430F5529, there is only 4-5 errors that was regarding clocks settings etc of Gx series of controller so after commenting those lines in "msp.h" 

there's no error left.

but still there is only led On nothing as such.


my pin connection are:

P1.7 = MOSI

P1.0 = CS

P1.4 = DC

P1.5 = SCLK

P1.6 = MISO

Vcc, Led = 3.3v

reset = blank

GND= ground

I'm having the same issue.My reset pin is coonected though. Any advice?


Nevermind, i didn't see the page 4. The only issue is that it is slow. Thanks

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Hello RobG!


I want to change the pins on the processor which are connected to the display. 

Is it enough if I change only this ports and pins:


#define LCD_SCLK_PORT P3
#define LCD_MOSI_PORT P3
#define LCD_MISO_PORT P3
#define LCD_CS_PIN BIT5
#define LCD_CS_PORT P6
#define LCD_DC_PIN BIT6
#define LCD_DC_PORT P6
Thank you in advance!
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