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(Universal) Color LCD graphics library (2)

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That's what I'm seeing. However, I'm trying to get the pinout done. I noticed a couple pin definitions in config.h (for CS and DC). I'm using a 5529LP, but the screen I am using includes D0-D15, RS, CS, RD, WR, and RST, Where exactly is the DC port going to? Do you have the rest of the pin definitions in the code, or do I need to create them myself?


Sorry for my ignorance. I'm not as familiar with the Launchpad as I'd like to be.

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This is my new universal graphics library (original one is here.)   Supported boards (this is out of the "box" support, but the library will work with any board after small changes.)   TI's MSP430

This was the case, at least for me. According to the datasheet I have for this display, the RGB/BGR direction is controlled by HW pin, so I made the following changes to the code in graphics.c file.

Here's something you can use for testing (software SPI only.)   ugl16stella.zip

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@@RobG I've also found the pin definitions for MOSI, MISO, and SCLK. I'm assuming the MOSI and MISO pins go to RD and WR (or vice versa). CS would go to CS, and SCLK would go to RS (different pin from the RESET pin). That would leave RESET and BL_CNT unused, as well as leaving the D0-D15 pins unused. Am I correct in this assumption? I'm working on adjusting the pin definitions in msp.h and config.h in order to fit the layout given in the MSP430F5529 pin layout that comes in the box, but am not having any luck as of yet (white screen... no data to screen). I still have no idea where to connect the DC pin listed in your headers, though.


This library seems to be MUCH lighter weight than the one I am currently using, so I'd hate to have to go back to the other one.


Edit: There is also an SD_CS pin I neglected to mention before, because I believe it is for the SD card slot on the display. However, since my unit does not have explicitly labelled MOSI, MISO, SCLK, and D/C pins, will I be forced into using the D0-D15 + CS/RD/WR/RS setup rather than the SPI interface you have in your libraries?

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You have parallel LCD, my library is for serial.

DC is RS, CS is CS, do not use MISO, MOSI, or SCLK. I am not using D0-D15, WR, RD, and RST, so you have to add it yourself.

You will need to rewrite writeData and writeCommand to use parallel instead of serial.

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@@RobG I just ran your demo code on a newly purchased 2.2" 320x240 Color LCD Booster Pack (v3) and I am seeing a solid white line of pixels along the top edge of the screen (side opposite the ribbon cable).  If I try overwriting the region it always remains a solid white line.  Is this potentially a damaged LCD, or am I missing something in the software?  All other functionality works fine and all the demo graphics are displayed correctly.




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Hey RobG, 

i was trying your new universal graphics library of ILI9341 (QVGA 2.2" TFT) with MSP430F5325.
i did little bit changes regarding the Msp430x55x29 to Msp430F5325.

but there is numerous errors. 

your suggestions are highly welcome.

Sonu Verma

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Hello RobG,

I switched to MSP430F5529, there is only 4-5 errors that was regarding clocks settings etc of Gx series of controller so after commenting those lines in "msp.h" 
there's no error left.
but still there is only led On nothing as such.

my pin connection are:

P1.7 = MOSI

P1.0 = CS

P1.4 = DC

P1.5 = SCLK

P1.6 = MISO

Vcc, Led = 3.3v

reset = blank

GND= ground

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