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Energia + LaunchPad MSP430G without on-chip UART?

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A few days ago I was doing some testing and programed a MSP430F2013 using a ez430-f2013 but only uploaded a "blink" sketch. I select the board "LaunchPad w/ MSP430G2231 1Mhz".

If you look in the devices datasheets you'll see that both have the configurations registers (at least the for Port1 and 2) at the same address. Also both chips have the same device ID, so I'm thinking that some code will be compatible.

As semicolo said you program the chips using the Spy-By-Wire interface (that is RESET and TEST) it has nothing to do with the UART 

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I have to apologize about writing "but of course you can't use the communication examples."

@@Rickta59 pointed out that TimerSerial.h implements a Timer/software driven UART. This works on the g2231 and g2452 and is automatically configure in Serial.h


Yes you'd have better luck with TI's Code Composer studio for chips not supported in energia

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