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Regulating power for RF24l01// PB with auto reset

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The useful life of an alkaline cell is about 1.55V (new) to 900 mV (under 10% capacity). At 1.25 volts there is still a lot of capacity left in the cell.


So if you want to use the full capacity of two AA cells, then the circuit must operate on 1.8V to 3.1V.


Low voltage boost converters that can boost a single AA/AAA/AAAA cell to 3.3V are becoming increasingly popular. Microchip (MCP1623/24/40), TI (TPS61220/21/22), and others make them.

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Additionally: my DS1820 sensor still works perfect at 2.62V (as measured by MSP430). No odd values seen thusfar.





Edit at 19 december. My setup is still running, current batterylevel is 2534mV according to the MSP430 batteryreadout. 


Edit 4 july 2014. Still running on 2 AAs, current batterylevel is 2510mV (2 AAs are providing power to an MSP430AnarenAirRFbooster and sends DS1820 data every minute since replacement 1 february 2014).

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One of my sensors keep rebooting at 2.49 don't know why. Should send me a notice when current drop by a certain value, but i receive notice with always the same value and as i send the battery level at startup...

it send it at erratic intervals between 2 hours and 10 minutes... Don't know why

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