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Communicating with LaunchPad using Java

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When I was reading one of the posts today, it hit me that I can use Java to talk to my LaunchPad (Java has some serial communication APIs, however Sun's implementation is awful. Luckily there are other options like library called RXTX, which is available for Wintel, Linux, and Mac.)


Being very impatient person that I am, I've decided to give it a shot tonight. I have installed TXRX (2 minutes,) fired up my Eclipse... well Eclipse is running 24/7 on my laptop, hi-jacked NJC's UART code, made some modifications to turn the LEDs on and off, got the example code from RXTX (not the perfect example :( ,) added interactive input to the example code.

The way it works, Eclipse is running Java app and is taking input from the console. You type in the numbers, 1 is LED1 on, 2 is LED1 off, 3 is LED2 on, 4 is LED2 off, once the number is entered, it is sent to LP.


In the following days I will be working on receiving, Swing based GUI, JWS, etc. If anyone was successful installing TI's drivers on a Mac, please let me know.


My goal is to create GUI based app in Java that anyone can use or customize. We don't need no stinking C#.



Original RXTX site


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nice work. I have used rxtx library to communicate with an arduino for home automation And it works very well. I find it was simpler to get working than the C# object. Unfortunately, I can't install the java sdk at work (i do most of my project on my lunch hour) only VS 2010. I use c++ though... I hate C#

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