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My Dream-Launchpad

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With all the recent hints about things to come (updated Energia, new LaunchPad, new CCS with support for Energia sketches) I thought it appropriate to start a thread of shameless speculation :smile:


My hope is for a MSP430G2955 Launchpad (or at least 2755, i.e. 4K SRAM). Dual pin headers like Stellarpad to expose all the extra I/O would be the icing.


CCS being able to handle Energia projects sounds great too! I like to make my code available to a broad audience, i.e. as Energia/Arduino library, but I can't work with an IDE without a decent debugger.


Oh, and TI getting rid of the CCS MSP430 code size limit in favor of a model similar to Tiva.


What are you dreaming about?

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RobG already made a great Launchpad based on the F5510, and now it seems PanStamp is testing Energia for CC430.  So, there's not much more I could want.  Well, I wouldn't mind a new CC430 using Wolverine-core and CC1200 RF, with a big SRAM buffer (as in, 10KB) and the rest of the 64KB memory block used for FRAM....  and a real multiplier in the ALU.


Hey, you asked.   ;-)

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