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NY Maker Faire

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TI will be having a booth at the World Maker Faire in Queens, NY on September 21 & 22.  We'll be showing off some pretty awesome new additions to the TI ecosystem (*cough* *cough* New LaunchPad *cough*), stacks on stacks of BoosterPacks, Energia demos, and we'll be giving away some cool items. If you are in the area, stop by and chat us up!  Should be an amazing event.


Aside from launching new BoosterPacks, we are working with different 3rd Parties, like our friends at Element14, to enable Makers and 43oh members to design their own.  Look out for new resources available at www.ti.com/byob in the coming months. 

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Checking in finally... So I went to the MF yesterday, was only able to go for 1 day so I took the train up & back (woke up at 3:30AM saturday, went to sleep at 3:30AM sunday, lol!) and hung out for the day.  Brought a few gadgets for the table.  Good crowd, from what I recall Emile (Tindie) saying the crowd there seemed like 2X the people (I assume he meant compared to the San Mateo MF?).  It was nuts.  TI's booth had a spin-the-wheel lottery for giveaways that turned our corner of the Maker Pavilion into a proper NYC-style gridlock, though they had to shut it down for long intervals because they'd end up running out of swag before too long :smile:
Pics & talk-
The table display:
I set up my BeagleBone Black with sled & breadboard, a prototype of my "BeagleBone LaunchPad", with the GPS boosterpack on top and my nRF24L01+ boosterpack sitting on the breadboard part.  Hercules w/ side-console next to it.  Sorry for the blurry pic, I will take my Nikon DSLR w/ prime lens next time :smile:
Adrian manning the wheel:
Rob Wessels (primary developer of Energia) talking to a customer:
In the background here in the left, black shirt w/ red lettering is a new TI guy, can't remember his name right now.  To his right, on the other side of the table, is @@Mark Easley TI .
David from marketing/communications:
He's the guy who updates the TI facebook & twitter pages.
Mihir from Anaren was there-
He had a cool little display of AIR modules for various chipsets along with some literature.  I talked to him a bit, it sounds like their next AIR project is BLE (it's in high-demand right now) and then perhaps the sub-1GHz CC1200 et al later on. Also in the background is Rachel from marketing/communications.  Jay next to her, who I never got a good picture of...
Adrian & Mark with the Microchip guys literally across the way-
Much less blurry view of the table:
The TFT LCDs you might see are the Kentec displays on Tiva-C LaunchPads.
Another of my contributions - the Water Jug Lamp but with 226 LEDs (almost a full reel) and my remote control:
I recommended to Adrian they tear the LED strip off the jug and just ship me the strip, as I'd love to see what the TSA will tell them about carrying a huge jug of water with wires & electronics onto the plane!
Another pic of the table:
Starting to wrap things up:
Had a great time!  I have other pics of the outside I took which I'll spam in another post.  My main regret is I never made it inside the NY Hall of Science, where they had even more stuff going on.  I think with the sheer size & number of people this is best done as a 2-day stay.  1 day just isn't enough...
Anyway, learned a few factoids:
1. Rob is transitioning to doing Energia full-time, and TI is really ramping up the investment into this piece.  Took a long time to sell it to them but they're on board now I guess.
2. The MCUs are all fabbed in Dallas, except the C2K which is fabbed in Houston.  So MSP430, Tiva, Sitara in Dallas.  Forgot to ask about the RF chipsets but I presume similar... Packaging is done overseas I think, but the silicon is made in the USA ;-)
3. F5529 LP was the worst kept secret ever!
4. I asked about the G2955 in TSSOP, Adrian didn't really know the answer to why they're only available in minimum qty 200 from the distributors... they also had an Element14/Newark rep there, he didn't really know about it either, but recommended I check newark.com.  Just did, they say minimum qty 200 too (price a bit higher than mouser's quote).

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Lol random fact, after getting back to Baltimore I drove through the city side streets through what I thought was a shortcut to I-70. Ended up beside a car with ladies that kept jumping out to dance on the hood at every stoplight. 2AM in Baltimore is extra special.


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Almost forgot to post the other pics I had...


Approaching the entrance:



Looking back at the entryway & one of the main corridors:



Another view of the inside of the Maker Pavilion from the TI booth:



The Handibot (a table CNC woodworking / saw machine) was there with one of their creations, sadly I didn't snap a pic of the machine itself:



Some weird shelter concept:



I guess this redefines "trailer park" right-



Pretty close to the TI booth on the outside, these guys have a new idea for a high-pressure showerhead:




These guys had a variety of stuff, including geiger counters for the iPhone/iPad and some "soil from fukushima" to test:



Rockin it oldskool:



There was an electric car racetrack going on with announcers and everything:



Another view of the central area near the entranceway:



Fond memories.  This time last week, I was having dinner somewhere near Times Square... lol.

There's a Mini-MakerFaire going on near DC tomorrow which I'm going to attend (not an exhibit, but just visiting), so I'll get some pics of that!

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