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Red Pitaya: Open instruments for everyone

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Probably falls in to the category of "better than nothing" and "jack of all trades, master of none."


The lack of an analog front end makes it non-competitive with a used good quality (Agilent or Tek) scope and/or spectrum analyzer. Can't do proper triggering without additional analog circuitry. Can't have accurate real time display without dedicated RAM for the FPGA. Same for the lack of proper filters and drivers on the analog outputs - can't compete with a proper AWG.

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I think that is a quality looking instrument but I do not think that it will be affordable. 


To me, it looks like a linux board with a few i/o's on it. 



A while back, I was brainstorming and RobG offered ideas on auto-ranging analog inputs. I think that we could come up with something more suitable to our activities here for a lot less than $3789.

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