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Tapatalk edit never works

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Been having a problem for months that has yet to go away, even across major versions of Tapatalk (using the new tapatalk 4 now)... Editing a post is impossible; while the feature is there, the Tapatalk app sits for a long time in a "Connecting to server..." state with the android progress wheel spinning (so the app is functioning, but waits a long time).


I've waited up to a minute before cancelling--Back button works and I am able to browse and view other posts & threads, and I can create new posts and threads. It's just editing a post that hangs.


Fwiw, 43oh and Stellarisiti exhibits this problem but Beagle-Fu and C2Kcentral do not. With those the edit dialog comes up within seconds.


Sent from my Galaxy Note II with Tapatalk 4



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This is what I see when trying to send new PM



Weird, sending PM works fine for me.  I sent Tapatalk an email explaining my error here.  Are you using the newer Tapatalk 4?

Can you try again for errors.

They is a new requirement for an API key, which I did not read.

I can send PMs from a win phone.

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